Dental Implant Restoration

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Dental Implant Restoration
in Firestone, CO

Are your dental implants starting to feel a little off? As Firestone, CO, dentists who care about your oral health and overall wellness, Dr. Kari Amick and Dr. Meredith Burns of Inspire Dental encourage patients to consider the benefits of dental implant repair and take proactive steps to protect their smile for years to come.

Parts of a Dental Implant

Before diving into implant repair, it’s important to understand the different parts of a dental implant-supported restoration. The dental implant itself is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth, dental bridge, or denture. Composed of several key components, dental implant-supported restorations are meticulously designed to restore functionality and esthetics to a patient’s smile.

Perfecting & Correcting Dental Implants

Although failure is rare, the need for dental implant restoration might be necessary at some point in your life. The rationale behind dental implant repair may not always be obvious to patients, but it’s an essential aspect of maintaining your oral health over the long term. If you’ve undergone dental implant surgery, you have invested time and money into this critical aspect of your smile, and it’s worth taking steps to ensure that your investment pays off. Dental implant repair can correct problems such as loose implants, gum irritation, or other issues that can arise as your implant ages.

How Dental Implant Restoration Works

When a dental implant requires repair, dentists usually have two options to consider: repairing the damage or replacing the dental implant entirely. Before commencing the dental implant repair process, our near Dacono dental implant dentists evaluate the extent of the damage to provide comprehensive guidance on resolving the issue.

For instance, one common problem that necessitates dental implant restoration occurs when the artificial tooth on top of the dental implant chips or cracks. In such cases, Dr. Amick and Dr. Burns can expertly apply composite resin, promptly restoring the appearance and integrity of the tooth.

Repair Dental Implants in Firestone, CO

With Dr. Amick and Dr. Burns’ expertise and meticulous approach to dental implant repair, patients can be assured of receiving exceptional care and achieving optimal outcomes.

At Inspire Dental, our near Dacono, CO, dentists provide:

Dental implants are an investment for many, and keeping them in excellent condition makes them worthwhile. If your dental implants are starting to feel loose or if the artificial teeth are starting to look worn down, contact Inspire Dental for dental implant restoration in Firestone, CO.