Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry
in Firestone, CO

If you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming dental visit or have difficulty relaxing during a procedure, sedation dentistry might be the perfect solution. At Inspire Dental in Firestone, CO, Dr. Kari Amick and Dr. Meredith Burns offer nitrous oxide as a safe and effective dental sedative that allows you to stay alert and comfortable throughout the entire treatment—without leaving you with long-term side effects.

Sedation Dentistry Explained

Sedation dentistry has revolutionized the dental industry for individuals who experience dental anxiety and phobia. Sedation dentistry encompasses methods to help calm and relax patients throughout dental services, making them feel comfortable in the dental chair.

As our patient’s comfort and health is our priority, our dentists may bring in an anesthesiologist to perform sedation services to ensure each patient is thoroughly relaxed under safe conditions. The benefit of bringing in an anesthesiologist is that it allows us to closely monitor the patient’s vitals and customize their sedation needs based on their individual medical history. Inspire Dental is committed to providing our patients with a comfortable and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Nitrous Oxide Defined

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” is an odorless, non-irritating gas that is often used in dental procedures to calm patients and relax severe gag reflexes. Laughing gas is a safe and effective way to decrease anxiety and pain during treatments without the use of needles or potent sedatives. This service can be a game-changer for those who have dental phobia, allowing them to receive the care they need without fear or discomfort. Nitrous oxide is just one of the many tools we use to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality care possible.

How Laughing Gas Works

Nitrous oxide may seem like a bit of a mystery to those who have never experienced it. Nitrous oxide works by targeting the nervous system and reducing the perception of pain and discomfort. Plus, laughing gas is non-habit forming and can create a sense of calm in just minutes during your dentist appointment. It also causes a sense of lightheadedness and euphoria, which is why it’s often associated with laughter. Not only does this gas provide quick relief from stress and anxiety, but it also has minimal effects on other organs, allowing for longer-term use if necessary. Once the gas is turned off, the effects quickly wear off, allowing patients to resume their daily activities feeling refreshed and without any lingering effects.

Sit Back & Relax with Sedation Dentistry in Firestone, CO

We all try to find the courage to face life’s challenges head-on. But for many of us, fear can sometimes get in the way of achieving our goals. When it comes to oral health, don’t let that fear impact your ability to get the care you deserve, and sedation dentistry services can help you get through tough dental appointments.

Aside from nitrous oxide, Inspire Dental offers:

No matter what path you choose, know that it is possible to move through your fear and take active steps toward quality dental care. Make an appointment at Inspire Dental today and commit to taking a stand for your oral health!