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Periodontics Dentistry
in Firestone, CO

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a severe dental issue that affects many people. In fact, almost half of adults aged 30 and older have some form of gum disease. Unfortunately, the likelihood of developing periodontal disease only increases with age. Luckily, Dr. Kari Amick and Dr. Meredith Burns have the tools and training to treat and reverse this pervasive condition.

Periodontics Explained

Periodontics concentrates on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting structures of teeth. This includes the gums, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, and cementum. Our Firestone, CO, dentists are trained to identify and treat these conditions.

Healthy Gums, Healthy Body

Many people may not realize how closely gum health is linked to overall health. In fact, poor gum health has been connected to a variety of health issues, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. As the bacteria that cause gum disease enter your bloodstream through the soft tissues in your mouth, they spread throughout the body, leading to inflammation and damage to organs and bodily systems.

Next time you contemplate skipping your nightly brushing routine, think about the impact it could have on your entire body. Caring for your gums with good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing regularly, as well as regularly visiting your general dentist, is not just essential for maintaining a healthy smile but also for protecting your overall well-being.

Tackling Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry

Periodontal disease is gradual, and it’s important to understand the symptoms of gum disease and the different stages it can progress through:

It’s essential to see a dentist if you experience any symptoms of gum disease, as early diagnosis and treatment can prevent it from progressing and causing severe damage to your oral health. At Inspire Dental, our dentists utilize scaling and root planing as well as laser therapy to treat gum disease.

Experience Advanced Periodontics in Firestone, CO

At your next face-to-face visit, our dental team can develop a treatment plan designed to eliminate or manage the symptoms of periodontal disease. Backed by knowledge, skills, and experience, our Firestone, CO, dentists can work with you to help achieve the best possible outcomes for your oral health, as well as provide:

Regular check-ups with your periodontist can help to prevent serious oral health problems. By staying informed and scheduling regular dental check-ups and cleanings, you can take control of your oral health and may be able to avoid more invasive and expensive procedures in the future. Contact Inspire Dental to learn more about your gum health and how to optimize it.