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If you’re considering getting dentures in Firestone, CO, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there. That’s where Dr. Kari Amick and Dr. Meredith Burns come in! At our holistic dental office near Frederick, CO, our caring dentists can guide you throughout the denture process, so that you can feel confident in using and showing off your pearly whites again.

Teeth Play an Important Role

Replacing missing or damaged teeth with dentures is not just about restoring your smile; it can also significantly improve your overall health. Teeth play a vital role in our daily activities, such as speaking clearly and chewing, which is essential for proper digestion and helps people meet their daily nutritional requirements. Moreover, missing teeth can negatively impact self-esteem. One proven method for replacing teeth is full and partial dentures.

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Dentures help to fill in the gaps and provide a complete and functional set of teeth, which in turn can lead to better oral health, improved nutrition, and boost confidence. While most people are familiar with the concept of dentures, many are not aware that there are two distinct types: full and partial.

How Dentures Work

Dentures can truly transform lives for those who have lost some or all their teeth. The denture process begins with our Firestone dentists taking goo-free, digital impressions of your gums and remaining teeth. These digital impressions are then used to create 3D casts of your existing smile. Working closely with our dental laboratory, your custom-fitted denture is created.

When you receive your fresh set of dentures, our Inspire Dental team goes the extra mile to ensure they fit snugly, comfortably, and function properly. As needed, our dentists take the time to make any necessary adjustments, personalizing the dentures for your maximum comfort and natural function.

Whether you need complete or partial dentures, it’s important to recognize that there will be an adjustment period. Our team is here to guide you through this process, providing the necessary support and making any additional adjustments to ensure your utmost comfort. With patience and practice, wearing dentures can become second nature, allowing you to regain the confidence and functionality of a natural smile.

Start the Dentures Process in Firestone, CO

With regular checkups and maintenance, dentures can last for years and contribute positively to your well-being. It’s important to speak to a dental professional about your options and get on the right track toward a healthy smile.

At Inspire Dental, our near Frederick, CO, dentists provide:

Do you think that you could benefit from full or partial dentures in Firestone, CO? Contact Inspire Dental today.